‘It’s ok to have a challenging team; it gives us something to work with’
Teresa Hetherington, Leadership Consultant, Corporate Wisdom


Teresa, is a Leadership Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the Learning and Development/HR fields. As the lead consultant, Teresa works with all levels of staff, starting with the top down to create positive working environments. Our experienced team have varying skills so we can ensure your consultant will fit in perfectly with your business. Our mission is simple:

‘To help people enjoy their work’.

When you work in an organisation that’s inspiring and successful, you love waking up in the morning to go to work. Seriously: employees love a positive workplace. And happy people are productive people’.

Years of experience
Happy Clients

Relationship Builder

When teams learn to have positive conversations, powerful relationships and team unity will follow as leaders guide the way.

Natural Facilitator

Building rapport and getting to know your team helps me to tailor programs perfectly suited for your workplace.

Leadership Consultant

Turning workplaces around from negative to positive, starting at the top and working down, helping all your teams.

The fastest way to trust is to talk

There’s nothing we love more than a chat. And we firmly believe that it’s only when you
speak to someone, that you can get a real feel for them and their way of working.
Keeping things real and practical is our thing, so it’s best that we talk to see how we can work together and turn your teams around.

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