Are you looking to make positive changes in your workplace?

Are all teams and employees in your organisation performing at optimal level?  For most organisations and businesses, the answer is no.  Now, more than ever, businesses need teams and employees that are engaged, collaborative and connected.

If you are tired of trying to do it yourself (or don’t know where to start), and you’re not seeing any real changes within your teams, let’s chat. Let us give you the right tools to effectively manage your teams, to build positive changes, and to keep high-quality, loyal, and engaged employees.

Corporate Wisdom has been helping clients turn teams around, creating positive work environments for over 20 years. Find out how we can help you…positive change starts with us!


Your Change Maker

Teresa Hetherington, is a Leadership Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the Learning and Development/HR fields. As the lead consultant, Teresa works with all levels of staff, starting with the top down to creative positive working environments. Our experienced team have varying skills so we can ensure your consultant will fit in perfectly with your business.

Teresa Hetherington, Director of Corporate Wisdom (Australia)

To help people enjoy their work.

When you work in an organisation that’s inspiring and successful, you love waking up in the morning to go to work. Seriously: employees love a positive workplace. And happy people are productive people.

Who We Work With


We work closely with you to develop your leaders.  We do this by using their real-life work scenarios and challenges to discuss and explore current leadership thinking, models and theories.  We then create practical strategies that your leaders can pick up and apply immediately.  This results in immediate transfer of learning and maximises return on investment.
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Our “Turning Teams Around” programme focuses on your team and the challenges it faces.  We provide you and your people with a platform and practical strategies to build relationships and team cohesion which enable people to focus on what matters most at work.
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To compliment the work we do at a leader and team level, we also work with individuals.  We help people leverage their unique strengths and develop their areas of challenge. We also work with people at a personal level, totally removed from work.  Our life coaching sessions are extremely popular and help people live their best life.
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