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Corporate Wisdom has made a strong positive impact on teams and businesses of all sizes and industries. We invite you to read the fabulous reviews below that Teresa Heatherington received after working with her clients. What a response!

With 20 years under our belt, Corporate Wisdom knows what you need to make your business perform at optimum level.

“Virtuoso Australia recently had the pleasure of Teresa Hetherington from Corporate Wisdom, presenting at our Owner & Manager Forum. From start to finish, Teresa demonstrated her niche expertise and a remarkable ability to captivate and engage our audience.
One of the most impressive aspects of Teresa’s presentation was her exceptional ability to relate to our group. She effortlessly weaved in personal anecdotes, real-life examples, and thought-provoking narratives, making her message resonate with our members.
Teresa’s passion for her work was infectious, and it permeated every aspect of the presentations. There is a fine line to walk between exuding confidence, clarity, and genuine warmth throughout a presentation. Teresa manages this brilliantly!
In conclusion, if you have the opportunity to work with Teresa, seize it with both hands. You won’t be disappointed.
Michele Duncan  |  Regional Professional Development & Training Specialist, Virtuoso Australia & New Zealand
“Our company recently completed a series of sessions with Teresa to help us build a strong foundation for our new multi-national team. As owners, we unconsciously made some early missteps by not fully comprehending how different cultural backgrounds within our organization led to communication misunderstandings among our team. Through these sessions, Teresa has equipped us with a valuable toolset by collectively showing us how to recognize and respond to communication pitfalls that inevitably occur in every organization. These skills have had an immediate impact on our organization as demonstrated by our employees who have used newly-acquired techniques to improve relationships and who know how to recognize and successfully navigate communication obstacles. We have received grateful appreciation from our team for this investment.”
John Ziegler and Douglas Easton  |  Managing Partners, Celestielle
“The Team Building Workshop facilitated by Teresa was an excellent lead into the Planning activities that followed, and hence I believe enabled the team to meet the above objectives more effectively.
The workshop generated open discussion about:  organisational differences; diversity of people, organisations, and cultures; the value of diversity within a team; and briefly touched on impacts of organisational change.
Teresa also facilitated discussions around the characteristics of high-performing teams and to assess our current situation, and hence better understand the gaps from where we are to where we need to be.  This was done in a way that did not make the gap look daunting and also engaged each individual to take accountability for their contribution to achieving a high-performing team culture within the group.   The interest from the team was high with several team members asking when the follow-up session would be held.
I found Teresa’s manner and style energetic and very well received by the group, with participants actively and freely engaged.   I feel this team-building exercise placed the team in a much better starting position to achieve the Planning objectives than we otherwise would have been.
I strongly recommend this workshop to any leader that is seeking to bring disparate team members and groups together to form a single-purpose team and jump-start them towards becoming highly effective.”
Tony  |  Manager
“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how happy I was with the workshops Teresa ran for me this week.
I have received excellent feedback from some members of my staff (some harsh critics amongst them too) who took so much away from the two workshops on “Building High Performance Teams” and the Coaching workshop.
Always nice to get some positive feedback and Teresa would be welcomed back to CQ anytime.”
Kate  |  Regional Manager
“I sat in on Teresa’s session for Change & Resilience.  She was absolutely fantastic, and the feedback from the team was first class.
My advice would be to ensure that all incoming people go through this session, and I’d personally like to put other heritage people in my team through the same process.
Thanks again for organising it for us – it was a great session, and the guys were all really positive after it.”
Paula   |  General Manager
“I worked closely with her in her time at ANZ as well as utilising her expertise while working with Corporate Wisdom.
Teresa is a person with very strong interpersonal skills who has the capacity to engage with a wide range of people from all walks of life.  She has a strong analytical mind and is always well prepared for any training session or seminar she is involved in.  She is also well respected within ANZ as a person who delivers on the outcomes required.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Teresa for any roles she applies for and would be happy to talk further about her qualities should that be required.”
Ken   |  Head of Operations
“I have known Teresa Hetherington for over six years, having first engaged her services to develop, and then implement, a national staff conference for a project consultancy business that I was a partner of at the time.
A key objective of the conference was to build upon a ‘single team’ culture that was deficient due to the geographic location of offices situated in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This goal was reinforced by the need to service a growing national client network and to ensure a consistent philosophy was adopted by all staff with respect to the establishment, and subsequent development of, client relationships that were a primary factor in securing the majority of project appointments and/or referrals.
Following the success of this initial conference coordinated by Teresa, we engaged her services on multiple subsequent occasions to assist in further refining our client-focused sales strategy.
I consider Teresa to be a person with very strong interpersonal skills, which are complemented by a positive and infectious work ethic. Accordingly, I would have no hesitation in recommending Teresa to any organisation looking to engage her services to assist with training roles.”
Andrew   |  Director
“Teresa Hetherington provided program design and facilitation services to me in my role as a Learning & Development Manager at Ernst & Young, over a five year period.  Teresa was always a pleasure to work with.  She is responsive and reliable, and our people attending the programs always respected her and valued the programs she delivered.
Teresa’s services exceeded my expectations and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her again.  She is always professional, enthusiastic, and a great communicator.
I highly recommend Teresa to you.”
Megan   |  Learning & Development Manager
“Teresa is an amazing coach.  Having seen Teresa in ‘action’ in several team coaching sessions, I was motivated to approach her to provide me with some personal coaching. Teresa proved to be very a skilled, perceptive and helpful coach.  Through our sessions I gained insights into myself as well as techniques on how to maximise career opportunities. Drawing on her extensive reading and work experience, Teresa makes the coaching journey fun, engaging and valuable.  Thank you Teresa for your help, support and encouragement.”
“We contacted Teresa from Corporate Wisdom to work with our small domestic building company. Teresa’s well thought out and tailored plan for our company, combined with her relaxed, friendly and positive nature made for a relaxed and trusting environment. This made it surprisingly easy for our team to open up, sharing some very open conversations. Teresa has helped point our business along a very positive path with great buy in from all our staff. I can’t wait to see what 2021 has installed for us and the growth of our company.”
Josh   |  Owner & Director
“Teresa has worked as a facilitator with our Executive Management Committee and employee groups to review our company values and to construct supportive behavioural descriptors.
Teresa worked with me prior to the workshops to design the process. Teresa demonstrated a good understanding of our requirements and confirmed the process in writing prior to the workshops.
Teresa demonstrated a very engaging and forthright facilitation style with our Executives. Her crispness and candour was appreciated by the group. The session achieved the objectives in a complete and efficient time frame (90 minutes).
Favourable feedback was received from employee workshops.
Teresa promptly documented the findings of the workshops and constructed a recommendations report to the Executive which was subsequently presented. Our Executives reactions to Teresa indicated that she had established credibility in her initial meeting and they seemed to appreciate her expertise and reference to related client experiences. Teresa presented a range of options and discussed these in the presentation with our Executives.
We are now in the process of implementing the value statement and behavioural descriptors in our people management processes.
My experience is that Teresa is an accomplished organisational consultant and facilitator.”
Anthony   |  Head of HR

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