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All workplaces are unique ...so are our solutions

There can’t be a one size fits all when it comes to change in organisations. Your needs will be unique to your workplace. That’s why we’ll take some time to get to know you and your team and set up a plan for successful change that’s tailored to you.


Leadership has never been more important than it is now.  As we face this new world of working your leaders need to be exceedingly human in their approach.  We help your people understand the need for vulnerability, empathy and connectedness, whilst ensuring the job gets done.

We work closely with you to develop your leaders.  We do this by using their real-life work scenarios and challenges to discuss and explore current leadership thinking, models and theories.  We then create practical strategies that your leaders can pick up and apply immediately.  This results in immediate transfer of learning and maximises return on investment.

To help your people become great leaders we use a variety of the following topics, skills, and tools:

  • Leading change and resilience
  • 360° Feedback (feedback from your staff, your peers, your manager, and clients/others)
  • Challenging/critical conversations
  • Conflict styles
  • Effective communication
  • Leading teams
  • Employee engagement
  • One on one leadership coaching


Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, teams don’t function as well as they could.  This results in managers and leaders channelling precious time and energy into fighting fires when they should be focusing on achieving objectives.

Our “Turning Teams Around” programme focuses on your team and the challenges it faces.  We provide you and your people with a platform and practical strategies to build relationships and team cohesion which enable people to focus on what matters most at work.

If you are serious about the need to create a cohesive, highly functioning group that focuses on collective results and the future, our programme will help get you there.

You can expect your teams to use a combination of the following:

  • “The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team”
  • Building relationships
  • Workplace behavioural styles (DiSC, Team management Profiles, Hermann Brain Dominance) HBDI
  • Personality styles (MBTI)
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Productive conflict
  • Change and resilience
  • Behaviours that build trust


At the risk of stating the obvious, no one is good at everything.  To compliment the work we do at a leader and team level, we also work with individuals.  We help people leverage their unique strengths and develop their areas of challenge.

This helps embed any work done within a group and gets people up to speed and engaged in a supportive and confidential manner.  It sets people up for success and enables the business to reap the rewards.

We also work with people at a personal level, totally removed from work.  Our life coaching sessions are extremely popular and help people live their best life.

Some of the content you can expect from our individual work includes:

  • Team Player Profiles
  • Coaching (professional context)
  • Mentoring
  • Mindset training
  • Values clarification
  • Life coaching and hypnotherapy

Turn underperforming teams around and create engaged employees who enjoy working

Whether you’re sitting at the front reception desk, sitting at the CEO desk, working on site, or sitting at home, the truth is, you’re spending most of your waking hours working.

And although not everyone jumps out of bed every morning, being super excited to go to work, if you enjoy your job, it makes it so much easier. You want to be able to start work every morning with a smile, enjoy connecting with your work mates whilst getting tasks done, and finish the day with an even bigger smile and sense of job satisfaction.

Working with leadership teams down, we help you create positive work environments where employees feel connected, valued and get the job done.

Ready to build productive relationships in your team?

If you’re even thinking about getting help for your teams or leaders, you need us! Trust us on that. Highly functioning teams don’t even consider calling us. And as you can see from our previous clients, we work with a range of organisations, big and small.